More about Chris…

Chris is an actor and a writer currently living in Los Angeles, CA. He has a BA in English Literature from Roger Williams University in Bristol, RI, where he studied Theatre as a second major.

Originally from Rhode Island, Chris can tell you more facts than just about anyone about the smallest state in the country. He’s got a lot of pride in where he’s from as well as he Irish and Azorean heritages. He’s also French-Canadian on both sides of his family. Chris grew up playing ice hockey (for over 11 years and he just recently began playing again in an adult league) and baseball, though he was also drawn to performing at a young age, acting in school plays, learning piano and guitar, and writing and and recording short sketches on a toy tape-recorder.

Chris has over a decade of acting experience that includes work in TV, film, on stage, and on the web. He began acting in high school and has appeared in over thirty stage productions since that time, has directed two plays, and was both the head writer and host of the student-produced sketch comedy show, Happy Hour, for three of his four years at RWU.

Since moving to Los Angeles, Chris has appeared in more than one-hundred projects, including commercials, plays, staged readings, short films, web / new media series, television shows, and feature films.

As a writer, Chris has written webcomics, limited run webseries, and sketch comedy as part of the staff of the 2016 CBS Diversity Showcase. He has also finished a comedy pilot, a children’s animated pilot, a short horror film, and two feature screenplays. Other writing projects include a children’s book, a short drama film titled Darren that he co-wrote, and previously Chris Writes Good, a blog that featured original creative writing.

Online, Chris’ writing has been featured at The Escapist,The Button MashStigma FightersRachel in the OCFeminist WednesdayApple Juice Online, and more. Chris is currently writing a short film, a webseries, and a sci-fi novel.

In 2018 Chris co-founded Trivia LA, a live trivia entertainment company and he hosts multiple pub-quiz style trivia games at bars and pubs around LA each week. Chris’ love of trivia began with playing, grew into hosting, and has even grown to competing on TV trivia game shows—he appears in the first season of the new Game Show Network series, Best Ever Trivia Show, hosted by Sherri Shepherd and featuring Ken Jennings!

Chris is a vegetarian who doesn’t mind if you aren’t one too, he loves pizza, beer, and cooking for himself at home, and dreams of the day he’ll be able to have a pet ferret again! He’s also a pretty massive nerd who loves reading Sci-fi and fantasy novels, playing video games and way-too-complicated tabletop games, and watching Miyazaki films, (just to name a few things).

Finally, and most importantly, Chris believes deeply in economic and social justice, constantly learning about and promoting important work in these areas. Chris is an active supporter of economic justice, especially for disabled folks, immigrants, people of color, all women, and especially black women and indigenous women in the US.